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Improve Your Marriage Starting Today

Ditch Your Limiting Beliefs, Learn How to Love Your Spouse, and Start Having Fun

Could your marriage use some mending? Do you find yourself looking at your spouse and wondering what else you could possibly do to make it better? Do you feel like you've tried everything and you just aren't being heard? We'll explore the essential elements of communication and how we can improve our marriage without actually talking about it. We'll also look at some key differences between the male and female brain and how understanding them can make all the difference.

Take Charge of Your Life... Now! 

3 Dangers Super-Busy People Face that Have Them Stressed Out, Struggling to Pay the Bills, and Wanting to Drop Out and Join a Monastery

The tragedy is that most small businesses don't make it past five years and business owners often don't get the resources they need to keep their balance. If the goal is to stay passionate, purposeful, and prosperous then we need some powerful strategies to keep it all together. Learn 3 big dangers that super-busy people face and how to deal with them once and for all.

Building Your Divine Temple

Inner Inspired Fitness for Ladies Who Are Sick of Living From the Outside-In!

Are you ready to shed the 'shoulds' and start treating your body like a vessel for the divine? What would that look like? What would it feel like? After 10 years in the gym as a Personal Trainer, Vanessa shares her stories from the front lines of how we use and abuse our bodies to make them fit society's vision of health and wellness. She then presents an alternative view of our fitness as an expression of the sacred. Get ready to step into your divine Goddess nature and feel the difference that a higher purpose makes when it comes to your health and fitness.

Game Changing Communication Strategies

Take Control of Your Words and Start Seeing the Results You Want

Could your sales use some help? Are you tired of hearing the same objections over and over again and feeling like you’ve run up against a brick wall? Could your teams function more smoothly? Vanessa will take you (and your team!) through a series of exercises to elevate your communication style and your confidence. What would 60% to 96% more sales look like to your business? The best mind-body communication tools in the world are waiting for you.

Discovering Your Passionate Purpose

For People Who Know They Have a Mission but Aren't Sure How to Start

Each one of us has a desire deep inside to be more, live more, and make a difference in the world. Yet, for most of us, that deep desire has remained hidden by fear and our conditioning. Let Vanessa help you uncover - and discover! - your passionate purpose and show you the easiest way to get your heart-based mission out into the world. The world needs you now and Vanessa will show you how to get going.

Good Girls Do

5 Ways to Change the Limiting Beliefs that Keep Almost-Successful Women Stuck

What if what you were told as a child was wrong? What if your unconscious need for approval and desire to be a ‘good girl’ is sabotaging your family, your business, and your health? Vanessa will help you uncover your limiting beliefs and transform them to give you a rocket boost of motivation toward your dreams.

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