Get Your Unconscious On Board

Our powerful mind-body techniques are used worldwide by high achievers in business, sports, and their personal lives.

Are you ready to learn transformational skills that you can use to get your unconscious mind, which represents 90% of your potential, off the sidelines and into the game, pulling you toward success?

If you are, then this weekend is for you. Whether you choose to attend one day or both, you'll learn valuable skills that can change your life.

Harness the Power of Your Mind One-Day Training

Day 1 is Harness the Power of Your Mind, a self-hypnosis intensive event that will quickly and easily teach you to know what it feels like to be in a trance. You'll learn how to put yourself into trance in moments and how to write metaphors and visualizations that pull you toward your goals.

Higher Self Hypnosis One-Day Training

Day 2 is Higher Self Hypnosis, a journey into the heights of your unconscious where it connects with the universal collective unconscious. In this workshop you'll learn easy and fast ways to release limiting decisions, change limiting behaviours, and you'll journey to meet with your guides.

Change Your Life in One Weekend

Are you ready to add some powerful skills to your toolbox? And have fun while you're at it?

You'll leave this two-day workshop series with a new perspective and a feeling of inner peace and power.

Try out this stress-free, non-intimidating workshop series and change your attitude forever about how your mind works... and how to work with your mind for best results.

Upcoming Harness the Power of Your Mind and Higher Self Hypnosis Workshops:

Newmarket, ON
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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Harness the Power of Your Mind
Relax and enjoy this one-day workshop while you explore and connect with the power of your unconscious mind. $167

Higher Self Hypnosis
Connect with the powerful collective unconscious and explore your blueprint for perfect health and your connection to ascended masters and guides. Learn how to quickly knock out limiting decisions and negative emotions. $197

Buy Both and Save!
Two powerful days and one transformational weekend. Attend both days and enjoy a significant savings. $257