Getting Business Results that Change Lives
What if Your Business Could Reach and Help Thousands of People?
Is this you?

  • You’re driven you to make the world a better place and you want to help people
  • You have the gifts, skills, and expertise and you’ve seen lives transformed
  • You took action and started your business. It was exciting… at the beginning.

Now you’ve been working at it for months or years and success seems to be escaping you. And you can’t figure out why. You’re doing everything right, right? So where are the clients? The sales?
Where is the life you’ve been dreaming of?
It may even be feeling like it just wasn’t meant to be and that it’s time to give it up and try something different.
I have good news for you.
It’s not time to give up on your passion. It’s time to give up the struggle. It’s time to give up the strategies that aren’t working…
And replace them with strategies that will. Right now. Before you lose any more time. The world needs your gifts, staying small deprives the people who need you of your gift.

Taking Ownership of Your Brilliance

We believe that each one of us has a unique gift to share with the world. Don’t you?
We’ve brought together the best in mind-body tools and communications strategies, plus in-depth knowledge of SEO and online marketing to create a company that moves entrepreneurs from struggle to success.
First we’ll clean up your past and remove the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. The anger, fear, depression, anxiety, and guilt that are holding you back. The patterns that reinforce any belief that you aren’t good enough. We use Time Line Therapy® techniques and NLP to sweep it out.
Then we’ll install the success strategies and neurology that will make building your business easier and much more profitable. We’ll craft your Vision and Mission, set your goals and find your ideal niche – those people who are waiting to hear your voice.
Finally, we’ll create an online marketing strategy that systematically leads your prospective customers through from the first meeting to loyal fan. You’ll attract just the right people for your business and your gift.
Our principal coach, Vanessa Long, brings over two decades of entrepreneurship and training, and a lot of hard experience, to her transformational work with entrepreneurs. Her expertise will save you years of struggle and thousands of dollars spent searching for the secret.
“Together we’ll create the business that gives you the life you’ve been dreaming about. The freedom and the impact. You’ll know that you’re making a difference, and making the world a better place.” Contact us today to schedule your complimentary Strategy Session.