Work-Life Balance Coaching
Work-Life Balance Coach, Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long
Principal Trainer and Coach

Vanessa works with women who know that their lives could be - and should be! - so much more. She helps them break through their 'inner glass ceiling' so that they can live lives of passion and purpose where they have a big impact on the world and earn more income while creating that elusive work/life balance that moves us from burnout and frustration to joy and powerful success.

With a diverse background, Vanessa has worked as a community leader, online marketing and communications, green living and complementary health care. She knows how to address the issues that are important to you, your life, and your business.

Vanessa is a Professional Copywriter and Board Certified NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapy Trainer. A Master Coach with the ABNLP, Master Hypnotist and Time Line Therapist, Vanessa combine all of these mind-body techniques with her designation as a Sacred Contracts Archetypal Consultant through Caroline Myss.

She worked with her clients to achieve their fitness goals as an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer for a decade and is also certified as a Reiki Practitioner, Reflexologist, and Sound Healer.

She now works with people to move them past anxiety and limiting beliefs to lives of purpose and passion. She runs empowering seminars on Game Changing Goal Setting and Discovering Your Life Purpose across central and southern Ontario.

If you're looking to create a life in closer alignment with your purpose and passion, talk to Vanessa about how she can help you move your life and business from stuck and unclear to on purpose and profitable.